Down Syndrome Advocates in Action Nebraska

Thank You to everyone who supported individuals with Down syndrome at the walk!

We had a great turnout at the walk, and best of all there was no snow! 

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners- The Kolm Family who won the Ds Awareness Basktet, The Ahrens family who won the stay in Branson and the Shada family who won the Husker volleyball tickets.  There are just a handfull of t-shirts left if anyone is interested in getting a Down Syndrome Advocate t-shirt.  These shirts are great to wear all year long and are just $12. 

If you missed the walk, you can still donate on this website until World Down Syndrome Day on 3-21.                After 3-21 you can donate on our website at

Thank you for helping to make our very first fundraiser a great success! 

Thank You To Our Walk Sponsors!
Paul's Posse - Captain: Deb Safarik

Down Syndrome Advocates in Action appreciate your support and Donations!

Team Goal

Team Donors
Scott & Ann Andrews
Patty Gerlach
Myles Grefe
Jacobsen, Robert & Barbara
Karr, Karen
Kohl, Barb
Lang, Mike & Cheryl
LaVelle, Jack
McCall, Lucille
McMeen, Ed & Nancy
Letty Phelps
Bob and Jeri Safarik
Team Roster
Eschliman, Julie
Gerlach, Patty
Grefe, Myles
Ham, Katie
Ham, Mavis
Ham, Nora
Ham, Tyler
Macke, Eric
Safarik, Dan
Safarik, Deb
Safarik, Paul
Spiehs, Joel
Wolfe, Phil

Funds raised by this walk will go towards the development of new programs and services for the local Down syndrome community.

When Paul was born (24 years ago) we had lots of family & friend support; but they didn't know any more about Down syndrome than we did! I really wanted to connect with other families. I remember thinking, "Doesn't anyone else want to get together & just talk & see each others families?" That's why I have started parent groups so we can share our joys & concerns among each other. We're excited to have a group that can provide support to families & individuals with Down syndrome. This new group will listen to families & try to support them at their needs. We are committed as a group to help individuals & families advocate & feel better prepared to be an advocate. Having your financial support makes it possible to do more for our Down syndrome community!

These great companies donated Raffle Prizes to our Walk!
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